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Travel Tips with Kids
On the road – travelling by road can be a litany of pains and complaints but there are ways to get your kids occupied while you're going down the long, long highway. Try a couple of these tips and have back-ups, just in case:

Movie time with portable DVD's: even if you're concerned with the amount of TV time they're putting in at home, on the road a good movie can buy you precious hours of peace and quiet. While they're engrossed with animated adventures you can focus on the driving or even do your own thing. It's a good idea to stock up on a couple of nature shows or favourite TV episodes from home if you're going on a long journey.

Pace well: it's best to have a little stop over every two hours to freshen up, change seats, or simply to attend to bored youngsters. You need not even get out of the car to enjoy changing scenery. Lucky if you find recreation stops with swings and playgrounds, or a shaded place for romping!

Pack well: bring out the mini board games, books, crayons, sketch ads and handheld games. Keep them occupied with their own favourite things, and throw in a little surprise treat. Store some snacks as well, or stop by drive-throughs to keep everybody on the move.

For little kids, have diaper changes, wipes and potties on emergency standby, in a place where they'll be easy to reach.

By plane:

Get away from the crowds: book flights at off-peak times, which will take a couple of cares of your back. Go for Mondays to Wednesdays, noon and evening schedules. You'll get shorter queues and more time to check in everybody.

Pack well: plan your kiddie entertainment package for any transfers, flight delays, and waiting time at the airport. Make sure the handled games and portable players are charged or stow away spare batteries in your carry-on. Have a variety on hand for long flights, and bring them out one at a time to stave off boredom.

Make sure medication and other essentials are stowed in your handheld,

Bring food: gums and small beverages will encourage your kid to swallow, which can ease the air pressure on their ears during take-off and landing. Ear plugs can also help for tiny, sensitive ears.

Clothing: Airplane cabins can get too cold for kids, so have a blanket or warm clothes ready. Bring along a change of clothes both for you and for active youngsters, in case of spills and stains.

For babies, milk bottles, teethers, and pacifiers will come in handy for dealing with cabin air pressure. Bring a small pillow or a rolled blanket to help your baby feel at home. For a change of scene, stoll with your baby along the aisles and have a peek out of the window. A little blanket will give you privacy for nursing in your seat.

Ask the flight attendant for assistance with changing diapers. Changing tables may be located in restrooms, or might be out front. Bring plastic bags and disinfectant for containing dirty diapers. A diaper change before the flight is a good reason to check in early.

Strollers may be checked in, but make sure it's secured and folded before handing it over, as most airlines consider strollers fragile items and you check it in at your own risk. An umbrella-type stroller can fit into the overhead bin..

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